About Us

We are Reverse Group. A French-Chinese genetic marketing agency born from the encountering between Anaïs Bournonville and June Fan.

The New-Age Group

At Reverse Group, we offer a complete 360° service from social media marketing to local distribution to enable both brands and individuals to thrive in the fastest economy in the world – China. We thrive for excellence, we build relationships, we connect your brand to our local network to turn your market entry into a success story.

"Born from Difference, Bringing Singularity"

When we started, we realized that 99% of the market is the same (same marketing, same channels, same work). No matter your brand history, your product types, or your unique asset – you will always end up with the same channels, the same content, the same influencers, and the same message to your local audience. 

This is why the majority of Western brands give up in China, because they don’t understand the local market and, even if they know the potential, they don’t feel an actual take off. 

In Chinese, 不破不立 (bù pò bù lì) means you have to break everything to build something new.

 If you don’t like the current situation, you can turn the tables.

And we decided to Reverse the situation.

The Chinese Portrait of Reverse Group

If it was an Animal?

We would be a panther, mixing the agility of a feline with the elegance and low-key observation inherited from the jungle.

If it was a Location?

We would be a museum, a calm and inspiring place where the history, culture, and art of centuries meet.

If it was a Color?

We would be blue of course, but a deep shiny blue, wavering between creativity, sensitivity, loyalty, and humanity. 

If it was a Scent?

We would be the citrus smell, a scent that is refreshing and incorporating a sense of joy, happinness, and energy.

The Power to Thrive in China

We emerged from our cultural differences. We thrived thanks to our tightened network in Europe and in China. This what luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands are searching for when they approach us. They want a local partner that doesn’t rely only on the services they cover but brings a higher vision to unlock the full potential of the market from a creative positioning to a strong local network of development.

We are different because we bring agility, flexibility, and synergy in the world of agencies in China. 

We not only manage your Weibo account or schedule your paid ads on Baidu.

We write the book of your success in China day by day.

Our Story

Founded by a French and a Chinese, we combine our worldwide network inherited from 18+ countries collaborations.

Our Mission

We merge the French and the Chinese culture for new fresh and creative thinking to build successful stories in China and the West.

Our Values

We believe in the power of collaboration and multi-cultural richness to lift up both companies and people.

Let's Talk!

Send us an email at contact@reverse-group.com or contact us via the form and start your expansion in China today.


Email: contact@reverse-group.com

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