Unlock the golden gates of marketing in the most competitive market in the world, get direct access to 653 celebrities in China. 

Worn by a Celebrity. Turn to Prosperity.

A single celebrity can turn your business development nightmare into a dream. The main challenge for Western brands in China is to know the current famous stars and have a chance to get in touch with them. With our service, you win 10x times more exposure and get access to 653 top celebrities in China – you become one of the few.

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Clients Testimonials

"We contacted Reverse Group to get one of our dresses worn by a Chinese celebrity to push the sales. We received a selection of Chinese celebrities who could wear it during a TV show and we directly get on board for the endorsement. It increased our sales by +367% and our dress was out of stock in 3 days."
Marketing Director
Fashion Brand, USA

Process for Celebrities Endorsement in China

Discovery Brief

We start with a discovery meeting to understand your brand, positioning, target

Celebrity Selection

Select the perfect match for your brand among our 653 celebrities

Product Selection

Our experience in product marketing to select the right SKU for the campaign


Plan all the venues (TV shows, gala dinners, events, travels) to highlight your brand

Celebrity Management

Manage the product endorsement with the star from 10 to 15 venues in 1 month 


We provide a complete report with total exposure and free-to-use pictures

When to Opt for Celebrities Endorsement?

Case 1: When Entering the Chinese Market

A fresh entry into the Chinese market can be troublesome. With the Great Firewall, Chinese people may have never heard about your brand despite your success on Instagram, Google, or Facebook. How to save time and make your entry a buzz?

Experience: For an American apparel brand starting in China, we organized a celebrity endorsement. The renowned Chinese female singer worn a dress during 10 venues. The dress was out of stock in only 3 days after the star’s appearance in a TV show.

Case 2: When Targeting a New Consumer Group

Targeting a new audience is never easy. Especially when you want to target Chinese consumers from a specific age or consumer group. How to seduce them? How to make them hear about your brand? Instead of multiplying targeted ads, use their favorite idol.

Experience: For an Italian jewelry brand, we leveraged the success of a young Chinese rapper famous among the Gen Z. The brand wanted to target a younger audience. We also guaranteed pictures access to the brand to use it on its website and for social media campaign.

Case 3: When Launching a New Product

For a new product launch, targeting the hear of your planned consumer group is the key. For each group, they need to understand what your product will bring to them. This explanation is often more impactful when made by a Chinese celebrity they love.

Experience: For a Dutch athleisure brand, we organized a collaboration with 3 celebrities from all targeted ages and consumers groups. We collaborated with a Chinese rapper of age 25, a Chinese ballet dancer of age 32, and a Chinese actor of age 50.

Celebrities Endorsement - Frequently Asked Questions

What is it called when a Celebrity partners with a brand?

This kind of partnership is called Celebrity Endorsement or Celebrity Advertising. It’s a paid partnership on a specific venue, event, or time of the year when the celebrity will wear the brand collection or a specific item. 

How to collaborate with Celebrities?

All celebrities have their own agent or agency. If you want to collaborate with a Celebrity you need to approach his/her agent (who are not always approachable online or in real life) or to approach a related agency. We are the second type and have direct contact with the celebrity himself/herself and his/her agent to submit your brand for a Celebrity Endorsement in China.

Why do brands partner with Celebrities in China?

Brands partner with Celebrities to benefit from the audience, exposure, and reputation of well-known individuals in China. They have their own personality, community, and audience. Brands can foster a more meaningful connection and credibility on the market. 

Can a Celebrity become my Brand Ambassador?

Yes, a Celebrity can become your Brand Ambassador but the contract is more complex – Celebrities are very picky on the brands they select for this type of contract and the provisions are tougher. In general, it’s a contract of exclusivity coupled with a large paycheck. The average time for Brand Ambassador contracts is 2 years renewable.

How long does it take to run a Celebrity Endorsement?

It depends on your objectives, whether you target a specific celebrity or a specific event. Depending on your brand awareness in the market and your budget, the approximate time is 4 weeks. For specific events such as Cannes Festival, it can go from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. 

Who is the favorite Celebrity among Gen Z in China today?

The favorite celebrity among the Chinese Gen Z is Lexie Liu. She’s a singer, rapper, and songwriter with a strong fan base among the young generation in China. All her video clips are short-form movies highlighting her unique creativity.

How effective are Celebrity Endorsements?

Celebrity Endorsements are the most effective advertising strategies for brands. A consumer research shown that it has 2 main benefits. First, consumers will trust 5x more a brand when highlighted by a Celebrity compared to a regular user. Second, a Celebrity Endorsement increase by 2x times the decision-making time before purchasing. 

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