Competitors Benchmark

Discover your local competition through Chinese and Western brands and learn from their best practices to build your success in China.

Our Competitors Benchmark Services

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We start by a discovery meeting to understand your industry, brand, and landscape


We select the Western and Chinese brands that could represent a threat to your brand


We analyze their marketing, sales, messages, and promotions to provide local knowledge


We gather our complete review and key takeaways in a report for long-term competitive insights 

Our Competitors Benchmark Solutions in China

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Market Share Analysis Service

A competitive landscape analysis is essential to understand your brand positioning in China. You will face Western brands with strong investment and Chinese brands with strong knowledge of the successful strategies that work. We provide market share analysis to enable you to understand who are the leaders in your industry in China.

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Competitive Marketing Benchmark Service

A competitive benchmark enables you to understand how your competitors market their brands in China. You can know their assortment, hero products, marketing messages, and marketing leverages. A review of their social media, offline distribution, and e-commerce stores will provide you with the local best practices.

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Brand Positioning Analysis Service

A brand positioning can be different from a global perspective and local perspective. In China, luxury and fashion brands often adapt their brand positioning to answer the local consumers’ needs, habits, and expectations. We analyze your brand positioning and refine your branding in front of your local competitors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Competitors Benchmark

What is the definition of Competitors Benchmark?

A competitors benchmark is the analysis and comparison of competitors to your brand in an overall market. A competitive benchmarking can be implemented in a specific market like China or on a specific product segment to gain knowledge and insights. 

How to know which brands to include in a competitors benchmark?

To benchmark your competitors, you need to know who your direct and indirect competitors are. In China, your competitors are a mix of Western brands and Chinese brands. Western brands have an international DNA and face the same situation as you. Chinese brands master the local tools and cultural specificities for successful sales.

What are the main steps for a successful benchmarking?

A good competitive benchmarking can be organized in 4 steps: select the right competitors, select the KPIs to measure success, track the data, and use the insights to make data-driven decisions. A local partner in China is essential to access these data.

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