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Improve your brand resonance with focus group and consumer interviews with your target audience in China.

Our Solutions for Focus Group in China

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We start by a discovery meeting to understand your needs and objectives

zhihu round table


We recruit the target consumers and participants based on your buyer persona profile


We create the questionnaire and handle the interview with recorded audio, videos and pictures


We provide the full transcription and analyze the key answers for strategic takeaways

Our Services for Focus Group in China

Focus Group for Market Entry

A fresh start in the Chinese market is a unique chance to make your first entry memorable. For this, you need to know which products but also which platforms will resonate with local Chinese consumers. We organize focus groups to enable your brand to refine its market entry strategy and its 360° communication. 

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Focus Group for New Collection Release

Launching a new collection can be troublesome. Especially when you want to target Chinese consumers. Do they like it? Would they purchase at this price? Would they prefer color A or B? Instead of taking a bet, we recommend directly asking your target audience. We recommend individual interviews for specific insights.

Let’s discuss your new collection in China

Focus Group for Marketing Campaign Testing

A new marketing campaign always implies a specific target, objective, and funnel. Supporting your new marketing campaign with consumer understanding will help you to take the right direction. We can organize a focus group to show it before its release to make sure it will have the right impact on your target audience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Focus Group

What is the definition of a focus group?

A focus group is a form of qualitative research through discussions with a group of 5-10 target consumers to understand their needs, visions, and gather their feedback on your company or products. A focus group generally lasts 2 to 5 hours. 

How can I understand Chinese consumers better?

The essential step is to put yourself in your consumers’ shoes. When you want to understand your consumers better, you need to understand their local life – vision, ambition, lifestyle, way of moving, way of consuming, way of living. The best solution is to conduct individual interviews with your identified consumer to understand what he wants and how you can answer this need. 

How to choose between Focus Group and Individual Interviews?

The choice between a focus group or individual interviews will depend on your objectives. If you want to understand the vision, habits, and needs of a specific consumer group with a community brainstorm, we recommend focus groups. If you want to have personal feedback from each participant without social effects from other participants, we recommend individual interviews.

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