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We build the bridge between China and the West. We support the trade balance by enabling International brands to find importers and distributors in China and South East Asia. We work closely with importers to get the best brands from overseas and push their sales in the local market. Hence, our strong network of 1,164 importers, distributors, and local agents in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam are our core strength – and we are granting you access.

  • Mainland China
  • Greater China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau)
  • SEA (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam)

Clients Testimonials

"We were looking for new distributors in China to open new doors in 3rd tier and 4th tier cities. We had a very exclusive distribution in the past and the majority of the local agencies we used to work with didn't understand our target audience and distribution requirements. We liked our collaboration and it helped us to increase from 3 doors to 7 exclusive doors in China. Merci pour tout !"
International Sales Director
Premium Apparel Brand, France

Our Process for Distribution in China

Brand Audit

We review your brand history, recognition, and sales in China.

Brand Potential

We conduct social listening to make sure your brand has potential in China.

Chinese Brochure

We create your brand brochure and local catalogue.


We add your name add to our brand platform listing.

Network Introduction

We introduce your brand to our importers and distributors.

qa campaign


Our sales team will support the negotiation phase based on your requirements.

zhihu round table

Deal Closing

We close the deal and give you 100% partnership rights.


We monitor wrong prices and fake products on the market.

When to Opt for Distribution with Reverse Group?

Case 1: I'm an International Brand and I'm Looking for Points of Sales and Offline Stores in China

Finding the right partner for your sales in China is not an easy task. We started with the aim to simplify and optimize the distribution of international brands in China. We enable luxury, cosmetics, fashion, home decoration, baby products, pet accessories, sports equipment, and food brands to thrive through higher sales.

Let’s connect your brand to our distributors’ network.

Case 2: I'm a Distributor and I Want to Access Your Curated List of Luxury, Fashion, and Food Brands

For importers and distributors, it’s hard to navigate the global market to find the right treasures. We are a gold digger. We support Chinese and Global importers and distributors to find the most original, trendy, and exceptional quality brands from the global stage.

Contact us to get access to our exclusive pool of brands.

Case 3: I'm a Niche or Premium Brand and I Want the Right Partner for Exclusive Distribution

Meeting with distributors is tough, but even more so when you want to focus on exclusive distribution. Our network includes high-end doors and exclusive stores dedicated to niche and high luxury brands. We work in symbiosis with 34 outstanding partners.

Contact us to get your brand in premium distribution channels.

Frequently Asked Questions on Distribution in China

What is the definition of Import and Export?

Import refers to the entering of overseas good (e.g. countries importing Chinese brands and goods). Export refers to the selling of goods and services from the home country to foreign countries (e.g. European brands exporting to China, Thailand, Laos, etc.). 

How Distribution works in China?

The import and export market in China is very different from the West. All the export sales rely on the Guanxi, a private network of businesses and individuals. In general, importers negotiate only through WeChat and will ask for a local agent to represent the brand during the negotiations in Chinese. An existing reputation in China is the minimum requirement asked by importers.

How Distribution works in Thailand?

Thailand is the next go-to market for fashion and food brands in South East Asia. The local importers and distributors are not visible online and will favor local agents who can introduce the brand in Thai directly. An existing network in Thailand is necessary.

How to work with a recognized and trustworthy local agent?

A local agent must be recognized by an official organization. At Reverse Group, we are the official partners of Business France, and a recognized local agent to work on the marketing and distribution of overseas brands.

How long does it take to sign with a distributor in China?

In general, a deal with a distributor takes 8 weeks in China. If the deal includes the creation of a branded store with an offline front door, it can range from 4 to 6 months to follow the brand merchandising and store launch event.

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