Douyin (TikTok)

Make your brand viral on the Chinese TikTok and increase your overall brand visibility and notoriety in China.

Reverse Group is Douyin Official Partner

We have the authorization to open and run accounts for Brands and People on the app and we get exclusive access to the latest tools and features offered by the social media in mainland China.

Our Douyin (TikTok) Marketing Services

douyin marketing agency

Official Account Creation

We register and set up your official account on Douyin.

Account Management

We take care of your community on a daily basis in comments, private messages, and more.

Video Editing

We craft unique short form videos with HQ editing.

Creative Contests

We build creative contests with customized hashtags.

Douyin KOLs

We handle your KOL campaign with our in-house Douyin influencers to become viral.

Douyin Advertising

We promote your brand with targeted and native ads.

Douyin Store

We register, design, launch, and manage your e-commerce store.

Monthly Reports

We share all the backend data, key results, and insights.

Our Marketing Solutions on Douyin (TikTok)

Douyin Account Registration Service

To start on Douyin, you need to register an Official Account. It’s a long process that can be organized by Douyin Official Partners only. We can handle this process for you by translating the official documents, conducting the audit, and finalizing the setup. 

Contact us to register and open your Official Account.

Douyin Influencers & Live Streamers

The strike force of Douyin is the virality of influencers, live streamers, and content creators. You can make your brand more visible by partnering with KOLs and live streamers. At ECHO, we have 250+ in-house influencers who can push your notoriety and sales.

Contact us to work with Douyin influencers and live streamers

douyin influencers livestreamers agency
douyin advertising

Douyin Targeted Advertising

To increase your engagement and overall community, you need to create curated advertising plan. We can work on your account management from posting to advertising to increase the exposure and conversion of your Douyin TikTok videos. 

Let’s take care of your advertising on Douyin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Douyin

What is the difference between Douyin and TikTok?

Douyin is a short-form video platform launched by ByteDance in 2016. It’s the Chinese version of its sister app TikTok, which is the Global version available worldwide. Douyin has become one of the most popular social media in China.

What is Douyin used for?

Douyin (抖音) is used to create, edit, and share short-form videos with others. Its name means “shaking sound” because the majority of content includes music or entertaining live streaming. Douyin has 750 million daily active users (DAU) in total.

Is Douyin an e-commerce platform?

Yes, Douyin is also an e-commerce platform. The app launched this feature in 2021 with cosmetics products and expanded to all other industries including apparel, luxury, home decoration, food, equipment, and more.

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