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ECHO transforms the traditional influencers campaigns in China with KOCs and niche influencers. For several years, we exposed 250+ influencers to be featured in brands collaborations and campaigns like Loop, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Marni, and more. 

We became the first agency to focus on personal branding in China with exclusive access to our pool of brands. 

For each campaign, we select local influencers, brief the creator, arrange the post, and monitor the results (views, likes, ROI).

As part of Reverse Group, ECHO benefits from direct contracts and partnerships with worldwide leading companies and niche brands active in China.

What We Do

For Brands

We support Western brands in finding the best match for their influencers campaigns and brand ambassadors with Chinese influencers and Western influencers in China.

For People

We enable Western influencers to get their official social media in China managed by a local Chinese team expert in personal branding and grow their notoriety worldwide.

Meet our Chinese Influencers

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