Promote your brand in China through online and offline events including trade shows, store openings, and pop-up animations.

Our Events Management Services

Store Opening

We turn your store opening into a local event for high traffic.

Trade Shows

We support your brand in local fashion trade shows.

Fashion Shows

We take your brand to the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Live Streaming

We handle live streaming for your events with our influencers.

Celebrities Venue

We bring Chinese celebrities, actors, singers to your event.

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Press Venue

We bring Chinese journalists and magazines to your event.

Creative Animation

We level up your event with localized animations.

Pop-up Stores

We support your pop-up store event in mainland China.

Our Solutions for Luxury & Fashion Events in China

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Trade Shows Management Service

To sell your brand in China, trade shows are an essential step. They will enable you to meet a maximum of buyers, including distributors and retailers. There are several shows like the Design Shenzhen or the Shanghai Fashion Week Show that you must attend. But don’t go alone, and favor local agents to support you on-site.

Contact us to support your booth in Trade Shows.

Live Streaming Marketing Service

China is the cradle of live streaming. It is an excellent way to increase its reach and communicate with a maximum of people. We always recommend brands to incorporate live streaming sessions during their events to increase the ROI. It will give higher visibility to nearby netizens and improve the bond with customers from other cities.

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Pop-up Store Opening Service

A pop-up store is a great choice to push brand awareness and sales in a short period of time. This buzz action leads to long-term benefits. We support your brand in finding the location, designing the pop-up, creating the animations, and inviting the press and celebrities. This is the key for a successful pop-up store.

Contact us to build and launch a pop-up store in China.

Frequently Asked Questions on Events in China

What is the role of an Event Manager?

An Event Manager plans, creates, and coordinates the event. He is essential to guarantee the smooth coordination and evolution of the event, from the initial idea to the D-day. In China, you need to appoint a Chinese event manager to ensure a high-quality event. 

Why organize an event in China?

The purpose of an event is to bring people together around a common interest or passion. In your case, organizing an event in China is essential to be closer to your local consumers and increase the sense of belonging. It can support your long-term development.

Who to invite for an event in China?

For an event in China, it is recommended to invite VICs, celebrities, influencers, and live streamers. Your top clients are essential to improve positive sentiment and consumer loyalty while celebrities and influencers will bring you extra visibility and notoriety.

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