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Our Expertise

We have worked on distribution in supermarkets and hotels, consumer understanding through focus group, individual interviews with restaurant owners, and social media animation.

We support Western brands to understand their local consumers and find their sales channels to develop their business in China. Today, the food and beverage (F&B) market in China reaches:

  • Annual food revenue of $322 billion USD in 2023
  • Annual beverage revenue of $178 billion USD in 2023
  • Forecasted YoY growth rate of 7% by 2027

Key Insights

Market Data

From January to December 2022, the national food industry’s operating income reached 322 billion USD. In the recent year, it reached a cumulative increase of 4%. The Chinese food industry’s total profit reached 25 billion USD, a cumulative increase of 7%.

Sales Channels

The food and beverage sales channels are diverse. A majority of Chinese consumers purchase online for specific imported products as on Tmall, Jing Dong, and Hema CrossBorder Go. The offline sales channels have strong impact with supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels.

Consumers Trends

People’s requirements for food hygiene and safety are increasing day by day, and people’s awareness of health and safety in the food industry is also increasing. The rapid development of Michelle Ice City and Ruixing is an example of rational consumption trend.

Top 3 Influencers for Food & Beverage in China

food influencer china


Cecilia is followed by a small but active community of 21,000 people who watch her poetic food recommendations. 

coffee influencer china


Tao is a offline food influencer with 104,000 followers on Xiaohongshu and always showing cafés and restaurants.

food recipe influencer china


Zhi is gathering 57,000 followers on Xiaohongshu. She proposes home recipes including Chinese and Western products.

Top 3 Categories for F&B in China

1. Snacks & Biscuits

From 2010 to 2022, the market size of China’s snack food industry kept growing, from $58 billion USD to $166 billion USD. It is estimated that the market size of China’s snack food industry will reach $176 billion USD in 2027. Since Covid-19, local consumers are mainly looking for healthy snacks that support a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

2. Coffee

According to the “2022-2023 China Coffee Industry Development and Consumer Demand Big Data Monitoring Report”, the size of China’s coffee market was $1 billion USD in 2022. With the rapid rise of new brands and the continuous heating of the market, the market will continue its growth and development. The scale is expected to reach $142 billion USD.

3. Nuts

In 2019, the revenue of nuts firms was $25 billion USD, a year-on-year increase of 8.7%. According to the estimates of the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in 2021, the revenue of nut companies will reach $30 billion USD. Local supermarkets are currently looking for international nuts brands.

Best in Class


The chocolate brand collaborated with Valentino for “Pink PP Dragon Fruit Sorbet”. The campaign attracted visitors offline and generated 250,000 views. 


The whisky market boomed in China and Macallan became the most sophisticated spirit brand and a symbol of investment with a bottle sold at $1.9 million USD.

Luckin Coffee

The coffee store collaborated with the Chinese brand Moutain to offer a premium alcohol coffee beverage. The campaign reached 120 million views.

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