Push the sales of your star products in China, get access to our exclusive pool of 162 small and medium influencers.

Niche Influencer. Higher Conversion Rate.

Influencers are the most result-driven advertising tool in China today. The main challenge for Western brands is to find a reliable partner to provide organic profiles. With our service, you win 6x times more exposure and 3x times more sales with exclusive access to our 162 influencers – Chinese and Western influencers in China.

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
  • Opinion Leaders (OL)
  • Key Opinion Consumers (KOC)
  • Niche Influencers
  • Consumers Testimonials

Clients Testimonials

"We contacted Reverse Group for conducting an influencer campaign in China. We wanted an agency that can propose profiles based on our product specialty and manage the influencer release from A to Z. We appreciated your good product understanding and your schedule strategy that multiplied the visitors traffic by 3 for a total period of 6 months, with a better long-term effect than expected. Thank you!"
PR & Marketing Manager
Accessories Brand, Belgium

Process for Influencers Campaign in China

Discovery Brief

We understand your objectives, KPIs, and target audiences for the campaign

Angles Selection

We select niche marketing angles to make your content resonate with Chinese people

Profiles Selection

A curated selection of the profiles for your campaign, from 1 KOL to 25 KOCs

Products Selection

We support the product seeding based on data and influencer’s community

Campaign Management

We manage the content, copywriting, tone, and posting time during 1 month


We send you a complete report with all the backend data from views to comments

When to Opt for Influencers in your Marketing Strategy?

Case 1: When Entering the Chinese Market

As a new entrant you are always suffering from low visibility and reputation absence. It takes time to build it. Unless you take a shortcut. Influencers are the key advertising tool to build a strong exposure and creative a positive reputation with users testimonials.

Experience: For a British fashion e-tailer, we organized an influencer campaign with 10 KOCs to create a momentum around their market entry. We targeted Chinese fashion consumers living in China but also living in the UK. We achieved 200,000€ in sales.

Case 2: When Launching a New Product

Launching a new product is an important time in your marketing calendar. If you want to turn your launch into a success in China, the key is to maximize the views, shares, and users testimonials. The best strategy is to focus on KOC for viral exposure and users notes.

Experience: For a Belgium accessories brand, we planned a complete influencer strategy with 25 KOCs for their new product launch. We selected niche angles to target mothers, business women, and independent workers. We achieved a ROI of 5.

Case 3: When Needing Positive Users Testimonials

Your reputation matters. In China, what people say about you is the key to your potential success as Chinese consumers never want to be the first to purchase a new brand or product. The more you gather shopping notes and users testimonials, the higher your sales. 

Experience: For an English jewelry brand, we conducted users testimonials to reassure Chinese consumers on the authenticity and veracity of its British royal heritage. We provided a brochure and product to each user and gathered 125 shopping notes.

Influencers - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most famous Chinese influencers?

The most famous Chinese influencers are Austin Li, Mr Bags, and Gogoboi. They are bloggers who share their expertise on cosmetics, luxury, and fashion through Chinese social media. They gather around 10 million followers each on platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and WeChat. 

What is the difference between KOL and KOC?

A KOL is a Key Opinion Leader with a higher number of followers but a lower interaction rate while a KOC is a Key Opinion Consumer with a small number of followers but a higher interaction rate. The main difference lies in the authenticity of the content. KOL are more appreciated for their high-quality pictures of brands while KOC are more appreciated for their authentic product reviews. 

How big is the influencer market in China?

The influencer market in China accounts for 12.5 billion USD of annual revenue. It’s the biggest influencer market in the world with millions of influencers and an annual growth rate of 44%. 

What platforms do Chinese influencers use?

The majority of Chinese influencers use Douyin (TikTok), Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), and Weibo. When influencers are experts in a specific topic, they can use different platforms such as WeChat, Bilibili (YouTube), Toutiao, and Taobao.

How long does it take to have an influencer campaign in China?

It depends on your objectives, whether you want an explosive launch with specific profiles or a regular advertising campaign. Depending on your industry and product positioning, the approximate time is 4 weeks. For niche industries or product categories, it can go from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. It includes the discovery, selection, brief, schedule, post correction, post release, and data monitoring. 

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