Market Analysis

Navigate the jungle of consumer specificities and market trends that animate China daily and predict the future of your marketing. 

Our Solutions for Market Analysis in China

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We start by a discovery meeting to understand your industry, sales channels, and niche


We combine our data to identify the risks and opportunities for your business in China

Action Plan

We turn the quantitative and qualitative insights into an actionable 360° plan 


We leverage our experience in brand management to support your local implementation

Our Services for Market Analysis in China

Market Review for Consumer Engagement​

A relationship between a consumer and a brand goes far beyond a pure transaction. It’s made of engagement. Sharing, commenting, engaging, discussing – a higher consumer engagement can multiply by 2 your brand awareness in China. We review the current market data to improve your consumer engagement.

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Market Analysis for Customer Loyalty​

Customer loyalty is the most challenging factor in China. All experts will tell you that Chinese consumers are not loyal. It’s just because you have not created a sufficient bond. How to feel close to your audience? How to make people purchase regularly? We turn your questions into an actionable strategy in China.

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Action Plan to Increase Sales​

Whether you are a new entrant or an established brand, you need to keep track of the local sales trends. For this, a local expert team is essential to understand long-term shopping preferences and main e-commerce platforms. A deep understanding, for easy actions. We share our experience on the market through a complete analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Market Analysis

What is the definition of Market Analysis?

A Market Analysis is the review of a target market with segments, consumers, and trends. A market analysis can focus on the company industry to identify the opportunities and risks, or go further with e-commerce analysis or brand analysis depending on the objectives.

What are the major business opportunities in China?

The best business opportunities concern the business areas of health, fashion, home, personal care, and luxury. All the business categories that can build a link with health or art are more successful. An e-commerce business mixing online sales platforms (Amazon China, Tmall, WeChat Store) with offline sales retail has more chances to thrive than a business focusing on one side only. 

What are the key marketing trends in China today?

The main marketing trends in China are live streaming, KOC influencers, celebrities, WeChat mini-programs, Xiaohongshu posts, and Douyin short-form videos. If you plan to enter the Chinese market, you need to work with a local partner to refine your plan.

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