Our Mission

"Our Mission is to Empower Brands and People to Create Beyond Future and Turn our Differences into Strength"

At Reverse Group, we offer a complete 360° service from brand marketing to personal branding to enable both brands and individuals to thrive in the fastest economy in the world – China. With long-term experience in Western and Chinese platforms, we enable organizations and people to thrive. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

Based in Paris, Reverse has 2 agencies — SYMBIOSE for brand marketing and ECHO for influence marketing. We enable our clients to resonate and connect with people. Whether you are a brand or an individual – we know what you need.

How do we achieve this?

Market Research. We have a complete methodology including statistics, forecasts, data analysis, consumers behaviors, and strategy tools. From data collection to deep analysis, we bring you the most accurate and ready-to-use tactics for your development in China.

Consumer Understanding. We enable our clients to get clear and direct insights from their local consumer group with individual interviews, focus group, consumer surveys, and qualitative reviews. We have the capacity to conduct consumer interviews in the whole country, including specific cities, provinces, and groups (HNWI).

Strategy Building. We advise companies and brands on the best way to grow and thrive in China. More than sayers we are doers, and we provide each of our clients with concrete experience and knowledge from the ground learned through our latest operations in China. 

Marketing. We protect your brand DNA and localize your campaign to appeal to Chinese customers. we have over 5+ years of experience in creating, managing, and promoting all luxury, fashion an lifestyle accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Douyin, etc. 

Influence. We know how to work on personal branding, whether it is for a celebrity, an athlete, a politician, a business leader, or an artist. We have a network of influencers and celebrities all across China and the West to enable people to unlock their personal branding worldwide. 

Let's Talk!

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Email: contact@reverse-group.com

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