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Identify your voice, build your platform, attract more opportunities in China with the right personal branding experts.

It's not What you Do. It's Who you Are.

Personal branding is the most powerful tool in today’s world. You increase recognition, become a magnetic field, and attract new opportunities in the most competitive market in the world. With personal branding, you move from advertising to creating something meaningful for your 1.4 billion people audience – you become the brand.

  • Public Relations
  • Press Interviews
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • Social Media
  • Online Sentiment
  • Offline Events

Clients Testimonials

"We wanted to increase our recognition in China. We contacted Reverse Group to explore a new way of boosting our company awareness in China through interviews of me and my shareholders. We obtained 57 interviews in Chinese magazines and welcomed new Chinese customers who get to know us through these endorsements and were familiar with our story. Real nice work!"
Wellness Company, USA

Our Scope for Personal Branding in China


We manage professional athletes in football, basketball, formula 1, and tennis


We work on the personal branding of renowned doctors in their speciality


We manage the Chinese social accounts of singers, actors, and models


We handle up to 3 social media for each Western influencer in China

Business Leaders

We work on the personal notoriety of CEOs and business leaders in 27+ industries


We increase the recognition of artists for exhibitions and sales in China

When to Opt for Personal Branding?

Case 1: I'm an Influencer and I Want to Grow my Community Worldwide

The development of any influencer goes beyond borders. Your uniqueness and your value lie in the content you create. No matter if you interact with netizens in your country or abroad, your potential online community has no limit. 

Experience: For a lifestyle influencer with a good notoriety on Instagram and TikTok, we supported the expansion of her content to China. We translate her content and build her community locally.

Case 2: I'm a CEO and I Want to Push my Company Notoriety and Find Chinese Investors

The recognition of your company lies in its USP and in your unique voice. You have a story to share that could resonate with Chinese customers and investors. Whether you are looking for customers or business angels, you are the starting point.

Experience: For a CEO of a wellness company in the USA, we worked on his personal branding in China. We supported the exposure of the company in 57 media and supported the raise of 2.3 million USD.

Case 3: I'm a Celebrity and I Want to Interact with my Chinese Fans while Sign with Chinese Brands

Your fans have no gender, no age, no borders. Whether you are a singer, actor, or model, you necessarily have fans in China who would love to interact with you. And it’s a unique opportunity to expand your partnership horizons to new brands. 

Experience: For a famous American singer, we worked on her official social media on Weibo and Little Red Book. We grew her community by +127% and increased her brand’s revenue in China.

Personal Branding - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is the ability to turn a person into a brand with a unique story, vision, values, and power. Today, personal branding is used to position an individual as a leading expert in their industry, boosting their credibility and opportunities.  

What are the tools used in Personal Branding?

The main tools used in personal branding to become known as a true thought-leading brand are press relations, interviews, blogs, forums, social listening, and events. In China, the online sentiment and the brand image are the key driving factors for personal success.

Why Personal Branding is important in China?

Personal branding is importance in China because it is a unique factor to stand out from the crowd due to tense local competitions and advertising limitations. A lot of brands work on the marketing of the brand but very few work on the marketing of their owners and inspirational leaders. It’s a great niche to explore for all brands that want to thrive in China and abroad.

What is proper Personal Branding?

A proper personal branding is a mix of storytelling, voice finding, and platform management. The majority of individuals start without figuring out first what is their tone of voice and their unique positioning that could bring local value. 

How long does it take to push my notoriety and recognition in China?

It depends on your objectives, whether you want to work on a sustainable personal branding or if you want to push the sales of your business. Depending on your goals, the approximate time is 3 months. For long-term personal branding, it can be 1 year to 5 years management. 

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