Increase your online reputation and notoriety through press releases and publications in Chinese magazines.

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Our Press Relations Services

Chinese Copywriting

We write unique copywriting for maximum impact in Chinese.

Press Release

We create and edit your press release in China.

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Press Publication

We make your article published in leading magazines.

Media Interview

We organize interviews for higher reputation in China.

TV Interview

We can organize your appearance on the official CCTV.

Magazine Cover

We make your brand seen through exclusive cover.

Online Reputation

We improve your reputation on Baidu with press publications.

Event Coverage

We invite our journalists network to your local events.

Our Press Solutions in China

Press Release Copywriting Service

The copywriting of your press release is essential to make your article published in magazines. Especially in China, the topics and words can differ from traditional media in the West. A regular translation is not sufficient and you need to work with a local agency for complete copywriting in China with meaningful keywords and characters.  

Contact us to write or edit your Press Release.

Chinese Press Publications Service

To improve your brand reputation or personal branding in China, you need to have press publications. It will give you immediate institutional recognition and increase trust among Chinese people. You can have print articles or digital articles based on your budget and objectives. And combine niche media and large media.

Let’s make your brand visible in Print and Digital

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Chinese Media Interview Service

The interview type can take your brand and person to another level. It will differ from traditional commercial publications, and become a human print in the Chinese digital ecosystem. We work with journalists for TV interviews and press interviews. It depends on your objectives and the editorial guidelines of the month. 

Contact us to organize your press interviews in China.

Frequently Asked Questions on Press in China

What is the meaning of PR?

PR means public relations or press relations depending on the context. It refers to the management of what people say and understand about a person, brand, or company. It is essential to guarantee a positive online reputation and image control. 

Do I need to have PR in China?

Yes, no matter whether you have already entered the Chinese market, local netizens will always talk about your person, brand, or company. You need to organize name control and press publications to keep the control on the information shared about you.

What are the best magazines for luxury and fashion in China?

The best magazines for a PR campaign in China are Vogue China, ELLE China, Harper’s Bazaar China, GQ China, L’Officiel China, Sina Fashion, and Sohu Fashion. Depending on your niche, you can also have other magazines such as MILK and Trends Health. 

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