Pricing Strategy

Determine the right prices for your products in China to maximize the value-price ratio and increase your profit.

Our Pricing Strategy Services

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We start by a discovery meeting to know your brand situation with prices, profits, and local fees


We conduct a comprehensive price audit of your on/off prices worldwide and in China


We combine consumer interviews and market feedback to analyze your pricing in China


We build a report with consumer sentiment and a new pricelist to match the market reality

Our Solutions for Pricing Strategy in China

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Chinese Pricelist Creation Service

A pricelist is essential when you want to sell to distributors and retailers in China. A Chinese pricelist written in RMB will enable your brand to stand out and receive higher orders. We work on your Chinese pricelist by auditing your worldwide pricing and proposing local prices adapted to the reality of export and local practices.

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Export Price Adjustment Service

A pricing strategy is not only about increasing your prices by a certain amount, it is about learning the customs, export taxes, and logistic fees surrounding your sales in China. We share our expertise in cross-border business and Europe-China export to enable your brand to have an accurate export price adjustment and maximize your profit.

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Online & Offline Pricing Strategy Service

A pricing strategy is meant to evolve over the years based on your brand positioning. New entrants will often propose penetration pricing to gain rapid market share before increasing progressively their prices. We work on your pricing strategy by scheduling your pricing over time and increasing it without negative consumer sentiment.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pricing Strategy in China

What are the 3 pricing models that exist?

When you determine your price you can use one of the 3 models that exist: the cost-based pricing model, the market-based pricing model, and the value-based pricing model. When you determine your price for a new market, you generally use the market-based pricing model. 

Do I need to create new prices when I sell in China?

It’s not mandatory but it’s recommended to propose different prices to incorporate export taxes and maximize your profit. You can use the same pricelist and add the customs and taxes. Chinese consumers are used to paying more for Western brands when they purchase in China than when they purchase directly in the brand’s country of origin or Europe.

What is the difference between Penetration Pricing and Premium Pricing?

It depends on your band positioning and market strategy. In general, a penetration price is recommended to seduce local consumers and grow market share faster. If you already benefit from notoriety or high-end positioning, you can directly go with your premium pricing.

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