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Increase your credibility and your reputation in the world’s most competitive market with Chinese magazines, events, and celebrities

Build Your Credibility. Improve Your Brand Recognition.

Your consumer will rely on your notoriety and your reputation. No matter your company’s size, if you have a low or negative reputation, you can’t expect growth in this highly competitive market. You will face 7x time more competitors in China than on any other market, let people see, hear, and talk about you – you are in good hands.

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Clients Testimonials

"Such a nice project! We worked together for a push campaign on our new collection, we wanted an agency capable of handling press, forums, and influencers and you were the perfect fit. Our new product was featured in 8 magazines and 12 hot topics online. Our traffic surged by +671%. Thank you!"
PR Manager
Accessories Brand, Belgium

We Ensure Your Positive Reputation in China

When to Opt for Public Relations in China?

Case 1: To Increase Your Brand Notoriety

A brand notoriety depends on the institutional content mentioning your brand name. For Chinese consumers, having your brand mentioned in a top magazine, whether in an article or on the cover is proof that you have worldwide recognition and increase trust.

Experience: For an English jewelry brand starting in China, we organized publications with journalists from Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar China and Cosmopolitan. We obtained 3 publications about the history of the brand, building trust among potential clients.

Case 2: To Communicate About Your Company News

A press article or a new topic on blogs and forums is the perfect operation to communicate about your latest news (new store, new collection, new product, new packaging). It increases word-of-mouth and build discussions around you brand.

Experience: For an American school, we handled a full PR campaign to communicate about their new Master’s Degree to welcome more Chinese students. We combined education magazines, students forums, and career blogs. The Master obtained 54 applications.

Case 3: To Generate Positive Word-of-Mouth

In China, your two worst enemies are a negative reputation or no reputation at all. You need to build your reputation with mentions on articles, magazines, blogs, forums, and users’ testimonials. And maintain a positive reputation with social monitoring. 

Experience: For an English luxury brand, we cleaned their negative reputation. They were in the middle of a “bad buzz” due to their production site, we answered negative comments and signaled the comments that were displaying inaccurate information.

Public Relations - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Online Reputation?

The online reputation, or e-reputation, is the reputation of a person, company, product, service, or anything on the internet. In general, we monitor the online reputation in a specific country through the specific platforms and online channels available there. 

How to get a positive Online Reputation?

A positive online reputation is the cumulative amount of positive articles, notes, and reviews online. The best way to get a positive online reputation is to get endorsed by leading press and magazines online and combine it with positive reviews on blogs, forums, and social media. It’s recommended to start with an audit (social listening) to identify the pain points before proceeding to online reputation management.

How to build an Online Reputation from scratch in China?

You can build an online reputation from scratch by working with a local partner that can get you features on leading magazines, blogs, forums, and influencers’ accounts. You need to ask for channels and names specific to your industry, product, and service. 

How to increase ROI with Online Reputation?

You can increase your return-on-investment (ROI) through online reputation by cleaning negative comments and building a positive online reputation. This management service is often used by companies looking for investors and brands looking for increasing their sales.

How long does it take to have a positive Online Reputation?

It depends on your brand’s existing notoriety and potential crisis. The approximate time for building a positive online reputation from scratch is 2 to 3 months. For brands and companies with image crisis, it can go from 4 months to 6 months depending on the amount of negative comments and opinions in the local channels. 

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