Unlock your offline sales with your own retail store in mainland China through our network of 17 malls and 108 stores.

Open the Door. Get Higher Sales in China.

Your offline store is your first step to success in China. Today, 73% of Chinese consumers will not consider a new Western brand if it doesn’t have at least 1 store in a first-tier city. The offline and online retail are the essence of the business development battle. We work with 17 malls and 108 stores in China – you get your door to retail

  • Malls (SKP, K11, Galeries Lafayette)
  • Supermarkets (Olé, City Super, Auchan)
  • Convenient Stores (Watson’s, Family Mart)
  • Multi-Brands Stores
  • Franchise Stores

Clients Testimonials

"We wanted to open offline stores in China but we faced financial difficulties. We met store owners asking for crazy renting prices and we needed a more cost-effective strategy to start things off in China. We contacted Reverse Group to access new retail opportunities to be sold in multi-brands stores. We got the chance to even have our own offline store in Shanghai with their franchising model. Today, our Shanghai store generates 25% of our total APAC sales and we plan to open new boutiques in 2024."
Managing Director
Fashion Brand, Italy

Our Retailers Services in China

Owned Store

We associate and launch your brand-owned store in China.

Multi-Brands Store

We bring your brand to exclusive and niche concept stores.

Department Store

We get your brand in public and private department stores.

Premium Mall

We make your entry in premium malls like K11, SKP, etc.

Chinese Brochure

We create your brand brochure and local catalogue.

Visual Merchandising

We support the design, copywriting, and creation of your retail displays in China.

Retail Activation

We craft unique O2O activations for your retail stores.

Opening Event

We organize launch events for new stores’ openings.

When to Opt for Retailers in China?

Case 1: When you Need an Offline Store in China

An offline store is a necessary step in your sales development in China. It can happen during your entry stage to boost your brand awareness or during your installation phase to duplicate your sales. In any case, you need a local expert to support your installation, logistics, store exposure, and customer service.

Let’s open your next offline store in China.

Case 2: When you Want to Reach a New City

Sometimes, Chinese consumers request your brand to open in a specific city. With a country of 9.5 million km², it’s difficult to cover all your demand by being available in a single city. We have a strong local network covering cities like Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’An, Chongqing, Suzhou, Chengdu, and many more.

Contact us to sell in retail in specific Chinese cities.

Case 3: When you Need POS Retail Activations

You have all your retail network in China with doors and stores all over the country. The only thing you’re missing is the local marketing with standardized banners and merchandising assets for your points of sales (POS). We support brand marketing through banners design, shelves design, promotion plan, and in-store activations.

Contact us to improve your retail activations in China. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Retail in China

What is the definition of Retail?

Retail is the direct sales of goods from the brand to the final consumers in a given store. The retail sector is often linked to smaller quantities compared to distribution and import where clients purchase in wholesale to sell later to final consumers.

What are the 4 types of Retailers?

The four types of retailers are malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, and online stores. They are common in the FMCG industry to sell all categories of products, from food to fashion. These retailers have sub-categories like luxury malls and department stores. 

What is the most common type of Retail in China?

It depends on your product category. If you are in the food industry, the most common type of retailer is the supermarkets. If you are in the fashion and apparel industry, the most common type of retailer is the mall. And if you are in the cosmetics industry, you may have to focus on convenience stores due to the high consumption and local habits for beauty products in convenience stores. 

How to get my own store in China?

You can contact real estate companies in China to get an offer on the available store rents. Another strategy used by FMCG companies in China is to partner with local agencies that offer retail services including a franchise store model. 

How long does it take to have offline sales in China?

It depends on your criteria, whether you want an empty location or handle all the design of your new store. Depending on your plan, the approximate time is 6 to 12 months. If you want to re-design your store, it can take 12 to 18 months.

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