Reverse Group

Based in Paris and Shenzhen, Reverse Group is composed of SYMBIOSE for brand marketing and ECHO for influence marketing.

reverse group agency china

1 Chinese Office

Located in the dynamic city of Shenzhen

1 French Office

Located in the center of Paris

36 Countries

Brought to China with our services

The Agile Group for Brands & Individuals

We are Reverse. A French-Chinese genetic marketing agency, lifting up your long-term vision to resonate with people and create synergic excellence in China. Working in big groups and agencies across France and China, we spent years in market consulting, creative communication, and market development, representing 30 brands across 18 countries including Chanel, Zeiss, Gucci, and more. That is when Reverse was born, the new-age group, providing a more meaningful ecosystem for all luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands in China.

Based in Paris, Reverse has 2 agencies — SYMBIOSE for brand marketing and ECHO for influence marketing. We help our clients to resonate and connect with people and reverse their business between China and the West. Whether you are a brand or an individual, we know what you need to thrive in the most competitive market in the world.

Together, we create beyond future — the Milky Way in history.

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