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The biggest challenge for Western companies and brands in China is to be noticed by Chinese consumers. With the “Great Firewall”, Chinese people don’t have access to Google, Instagram or Facebook. The first step for your brand awareness is to show your brand on Chinese social media – your essential step to enter the market.

  • Setup of Official Accounts¬†
  • Content Strategy (Content Plan, Hot Topics)
  • Content Creation (Design, Copywriting, Translation)
  • Community Management (Comments, Messages)
  • Advertising (Feed Ads, Opening Ads, Targeted Ads)

Clients Testimonials

"We work with Reverse Group for several months already and it's a game-changer. We used to manage the account in-house but we realized that we didn't register the right account to obtain the blue check and that our content was not suitable to Chinese users on Little Red Book. Every month, your agency is proposing new creative content and our community grew by +268% and our sales were multiplied by 3 in the last 3 months. We enjoy this amazing adventure together, thank you!"
Digital Marketing Manager
Bags Brand, Italy

We Manage Accounts on the Top Social Media in China

When to Opt for Social Media Management in China?

Case 1: To Setup Your Official Account

The first step of your social media marketing journey in China is the setup of your official account. All apps (WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Zhihu) have their own requirements and process. We take care of everything and translate the social media rules for you.  

Let’s register your social media in China.

Case 2: To Grow Your Exposure with Management

The main mistake made by Western brands in China is to use the same content as their Instagram and just translate them into Chinese. Each social network is different, and you need to localize your content and your management if you want to stand out.

Contact us to work on your localized content plan in China.

Case 3: To Push Your Sales with Advertising

You may manage your accounts very well and just need a push for your sales or your new collection. That’s possible. We can design a new banner and work on targeted advertising on the platform of your choice to drive more traffic, CTR, and sales.

Let’s push your brand exposure and sales with targeted ads.

Social Media - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Chinese social media networks?

The top social networks in China are WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin. All Chinese netizens have a WeChat, which makes it an essential marketing tool to target Chinese consumers. Then, depending on their interests and habits of usage, Chinese netizens will favor Weibo or Little Red Book or Bilibili or Keep or 25+ other social media. This is why consumer understanding and trends analysis are key.

What is the most used social media in China?

The most used social media in China is WeChat with 1.67 billion users. All the Chinese population is using WeChat to send messages, call, order food, take a cab, book a hotel, or follow the latest news. WeChat Stores and WeChat Pay are widely used in China to purchase.

What does China use instead of TikTok?

In China, local netizens use Douyin instead of TikTok. The parent company ByteDance is the founder of both Douyin (the Chinese version) and TikTok (the International version). Even if they have a similar interface, the algorithm and the content is totally different. International users cannot download Douyin and Chinese users cannot download TikTok.

What is the Chinese Twitter alternative?

The alternative to Twitter (called now X) in China is Weibo. The algorithm is pretty similar with pure text on the latest news, visibility given to pictures and videos, and focus on the community-sharing with comments and reposts.

What do Chinese used instead of Instagram?

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book in English) is often compared to Instagram. We consider Xiaohongshu as a mix of Instagram and Pinterest as the platform algorithm focuses on beautiful aesthetics and content creation in luxury, travel, fashion, lifestyle, baby products, etc.

What is used in China instead of YouTube?

Bilibili is often considered as the Chinese YouTube because it enables local netizens to watch long-form videos, documentaries, and influencers’ videos. It started with the ACG (Anime, Comics, Games) community and extended to fashion, sports, and lifestyle.

Can I use the same content in China or do I need to create a new one?

It depends on the content. You can use the same design if the color, view, symbols, and codes are in line with Chinese aesthetics. For the copywriting, you need to create a new one. If you keep the exact same content with just a translation you affect your UX and make your Chinese followers that you are a little “out of touch” from local realities and topics. One advice, optimize and localize always.

Can I use Google Translate to translate my content and post in China?

It’s not recommended to use a translation tool to translate your content before posting on Chinese social media. The main translation tools use regular words they have in stock without knowing about “sensitive keywords”. If you accidentally use a “sensitive word” in China, your content can be blocked and your account can be banned. It’s better to work with humans, from a reliable agency.

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