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Our Expertise

We have worked with restaurants to bring new Chinese clients, hotels to enable Chinese clients to book rooms, cities and tourism activities to drive more footprints after travel resumes.

We support your structure to attract Chinese clients and develop a new international clientele. Today, the travel market is going back to normal with Chinese tourists looking for:

  • Forecasted tourism revenue of $144 billion USD
  • Forecasted YoY growth rate of 9% by 2027
  • 65% of Chinese consumers intend to travel internationally

Key Insights

Market Data

The Chinese tourism has recovered to 89% compared with the same period of time before Covid in March 2023. Among consumers in mainland China, 65% intend to travel internationally in 2023. The projected revenue is of $207 billion USD by 2027.

Consumers Insights

During travel, Chinese consumers are looking for shopping destinations such as Hong Kong, Paris, and Tokyo. They favor tax-free shopping, places of interest that they have known for long, popular destinations on social media, good food, famous restaurants, culture, museums, arts, and security.

Favorite Destinations

In the latest consumer interviews, the top 3 overseas destinations in 2023 are Paris, London, and Bali. They also like to travel to Bangkok, Singapore, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo. In China, their favorite destinations are Chengdu and Beijing.

Top 3 Influencers for Travel & Tourism in China


Betty is the proud representative of the Gen Z living the van life traveling across 25 countries like Indonesia and England.


Kiki is inspiring her 23 million followers on Douyin to explore emerging overseas travel destinations with poetic content.


Han is followed by a community of 10 million people, following his adventure in Greece, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia.

Top 3 Categories for Chinese Travellers

1. Hotels & Restaurants

The main center of interest for Chinese consumers while travelling is to find good recommendations of hotels and restaurants. They give a lot of importance to social media recommendations – including users, bloggers, and influencers. They will also check whether the hotel or restaurant is ranked on Baidu, CTrip, and Dianping to read clients’ feedback and rating.

2. Shopping Experiences

Chinese travellers are always combining tourist activities with shopping. They favor unique shopping experiences and are checking on Xiaohongshu and Baidu Maps the most recommended stores and duty-free services nearby to improve their local experience. 

3. Activities

In addition to Chinese travel groups, there are also independent travellers looking for unique activities to experience in the country. These experiences may be cultural, artistic, fun, or entertaining. The key is to make this local activity visible on Chinese social media and search engines to attract a novel and curious Chinese clientele. 

Best in Class

New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand signed an exclusive partnership with Xiaohongshu to promote New Zealand as a destination. The launch event went viral in Shanghai.

Galeries Lafayette

The retail department store in Paris conducted a partnership with WeChat Pay and offered Chinese-speaking staff. They organized CNY events for Chinese tourists.

Abu Dhabi

The Tourism Authority of Abu Dhabi appointed the Chinese actress Liu Yifei as it ambassador. They released a promotional video of Liu in iconic landmarks.

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