WeChat Store

Get access to the 1.4 billion users of WeChat and open your official online store with incorporated logistics in China.

Our WeChat Store E-Commerce Services

WeChat Store Creation

We register, design, and launch your official store on WeChat.

Warehouse & Logistics

We arrange your local warehouse and cost-effective logistics.

Product Uploads

We upgrade and optimize your store on a weekly and daily basis.

Creative Design

We craft unique designs for Chinese festivals and activations.

Omni-Channel Marketing

We take care of all the 360° in app promotional marketing.

Store Advertising

We increase your store traffic and pages exposure with high-level WeChat targeted ads.

CRM Management

We build and develop consumer loyalty through integrated CRM.

Monthly Reports

We share all the backend data, key results, best sellers.

Our E-Commerce Solutions on WeChat

WeChat Store Opening Service

We build your WeChat store from license registration to store customization. No matter your number of SKUs, we create a seamless experience with menus, categories, and recommendations. We arrange a local warehouse and logistics to optimize the delivery time and customer happiness in China. 

Contact us to build and launch your WeChat store.

WeChat Store Management Service

The daily management of your account is essential to correct minor bugs, improve the customer experience, and answer daily requests. You need a Chinese team to answer pre-sales and after-sales messages on a daily basis. We save you time and energy by handling the daily management and customer service for you.

Let’s handle your WeChat store management and customer service

wechat mini program agency china

WeChat Customer Loyalty Program & CRM

To improve your store conversion and customer loyalty, you need to create a WeChat Loyalty Program. This mini-program is a specific tool that we implement for brands. Chinese customers will have access to their coupons, previous orders, and VIP advantages while you will have access to a detailed CRM with customer data.

Contact us to launch a WeChat loyalty program.

Frequently Asked Questions on WeChat Store

What is the specificity of a WeChat store?

A WeChat store is not limited in terms of product categories, references, and requirements. This is the perfect choice for brands that want freedom in the management of their online store. You have infinite customization and you can sell all your SKUs.

What is the difference between Tmall and WeChat?

Tmall and WeChat are both e-commerce platforms, except that WeChat is also a social network with 1.4 billion users. Tmall is better for larger brands with specific hero products while WeChat is better for larger assortments and consumer experience.

Can I open a WeChat store without a Chinese business license?

You need a Chinese business license to open a WeChat store. If you don’t have one, you can use the Chinese business license of your local agency or partner. Hence, the importance to work with a trustworthy and professional local agency for WeChat.

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