Engage with your audience and make your content viral on this key Chinese social media with 600 million monthly active users.

Our Weibo Marketing Services

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Official Account Creation

We register and set up your official account on Weibo.

Account Management

We take care of your community on a daily basis in comments, private messages, and more.

Chinese Copywriting

We make your content stand out with Chinese storytelling.

Creative Design

We craft unique designs for Chinese festivals and activations.

Weibo KOLs

We handle your KOL campaign with our in-house Weibo influencers to become viral.

Weibo Advertising

We promote your brand with targeted ads and lucky draws.

Weibo Campaigns

We embed your store link to increase your Tmall sales.

Monthly Reports

We share all the backend data, key results, and insights.

Our Marketing Solutions on Weibo

Weibo Account Opening Service

To start on Weibo (微博), you can register without a Chinese business license. The whole registration process is in Chinese. We can handle this process for you by registering your brand, translating your documents into Chinese, and optimizing your account for Weibo SEO. 

Contact us to register and open your Official Account.

Weibo Management Service

The daily management of a Weibo account is different from Chinese social media. It’s a micro-blog (微博) with requirements on content form and engagement. We create customized hashtags, design original content, and start interactions with your community. 

Let’s discuss your content plan on Weibo

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Weibo Marketing & KOLs Campaign

The Weibo influencers are among the most viral and renowned influencers in China, with millions of followers. To navigate the complex KOL jungle, we send you a curated list of our in-house Weibo KOLs in luxury, fashion, sports, home decoration, and more.

Get access to our pool of Weibo influencers with ECHO.

Frequently Asked Questions on Weibo

What is Weibo used for?

Weibo is a social media app like Twitter and Facebook, used as a micro-blogging platform by Chinese netizens. People use Weibo to follow the news, interact with celebrities, discover brand activations, and have funny networking interactions with others. 

Why is Weibo popular?

Weibo has a total of 600 million monthly active users. It is popular among all age groups in China, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, to follow global news and share business content. It is used by brands and companies to share content and engage with users.

How can I use Weibo for brand marketing in China?

You can use Weibo for content marketing, influencers collaborations, celebrities endorsements, and product promotion. Weibo has a partnership with Alibaba, so you can embed your Tmall store link to increase your direct traffic and sales in China.

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