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Reverse Group, your strategic partner for International Brands to thrive in China and Chinese Brands to thrive in the West 

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Why we are Your Best Partner for China

We worked in big groups and agencies across France and China, we spent years in market consulting, creative communication, and market development representing 30 brands across 18 countries. That is when Reverse was born, the new-age group, providing a more meaningful ecosystem for all luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands. We help clients make strategic decisions, enlighten by tech-driven data, qualitative research, and cultural understanding.

We merge the French and the Chinese culture for new fresh and creative thinking

The Strike Force of a Global Group

The Human Connection of a Small Agency

Recognized Partner for Large Groups and Independent Brands

We believe in excellence and how opportunities arise from daily dedication. When you meet Reverse Group, you are in direct contact with the co-founders because your project deserves all the best work and communication. We discuss, we collaborate, we make your brand our own project to bring you the best ROI.


The agency dedicated to Brand Marketing. We lift up brands to radiate, resonate, and connect with people globally and across China through market research, marketing, and sales.


The agency dedicated to Individual Marketing. We empower influencers and celebrities to unlock their community in the fastest economy of the world and get exclusive partnerships.

Our Services

At Reverse Group, we offer a complete 360° service from market research to operations to succeed in China and beyond.

Market Research

We provide customized market research with all the latest data, insights, news about the Chinese market.

Consumer Understanding

We conduct qualitative interviews with focus groups and individual customers to give you real-time insights.

Strategy Building

We create your own strategy to prepare your market entry or scale up your brand on the Chinese market.


Our team builds your brand locally with all the right tools to increase your brand awareness and local sales.

Influence Marketing

We organize your influencers campaign and celebrities endorsement on the fastest economy in the world.

More on Our Services

Our Industries

We have over 5+ years of experience in creating, managing, and promoting all luxury, fashion, and lifestyle accounts on the Chinese ecosystem.

Art & Culture

We help artists, galleries, museums, and cities to gain Chinese followers.


We specialize in fragrance, makeup, skincare, and men cosmetics.


We support large apparel brands and independent fashion designers.

Home Decoration

We have experience in homeware, home decoration, and furtnitures.


We have experience in the luxury industry, from jewelry to cars.

Mother & Baby

We help kidswear, diapers, and milk powders brands in China.


We focus on outdoor, yoga, meditation, and wellness in China.


We help hotels, restaurants, and tourism activities get Chinese clients.

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