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37 Statistics on Double 11 Single’s Day (2023)

Single’s Day (Double 11) is the largest e-commerce shopping festival in China. In this guide, we decided to gather all the data about the festival since its creation in 2009 until today for the 2023 edition. All the Double 11 Single’s Days data, performance, sales, and results are gathered here. This piece is regularly updated, so don’t hesitate to save it to come back later.

On this page, you’ll find hand-picked Double 11 statistics about:

  • Overall Single’s Day sales
  • Stores performances
  • GMV
  • Online payments
  • Imports and logistics
  • Industries and categories
  • Top brands rankings
  • And many more

Let’s see the data!

Key Single’s Day Stats

Let’s kick off these statistics with the top statistics of Single’s Day in China since its creation in 2009. This festival was created by Alibaba, on its marketplaces Tmall and Taobao. The event then expanded to other marketplaces and e-commerce platforms like JingDong, Lazada, Little Red Book, Douyin, etc.

singles day statistics

Let’s dive in.

01. Alibaba launched the first Single’s Day sale with 27 brands on November 11th, 2009 (Alibaba)

02. The first Single’s Day event reached 50 million RMB ($8 million USD) in GMV in 2009 (Alibaba)

03. In 2012, Double 11 set a global record for the largest value of goods purchased online within 24 hours (Alibaba)

04. More than 30,000 payments per second were recorded by the payment app Alipay in China, reaching one of its highest transaction-processing volumes (Alipay)

05. 74.1 billion USD in GMV achieved on Double 11 2020 (Queue It)

06. 84.5 billion USD in GMV achieved on Double 11 2021 (Queue It)

07. 84.5 billion USD in GMV achieved on Double 11 2022 (Queue It)

08. 2022 was the first year in Single’s Day history that sales didn’t increase YoY on Alibaba (Queue It)

09. Across all platforms, Double 11 2022 achieved between $128 – $151 billion USD in GMV (Reuters)

10. A total of 370 million goods were imported from more than 200 countries by Cainiao, the logistics supply chain of Alibaba, to cover the Double 11 festival on Taobao and Tmall in 2022 (Cainiao)

11. Cainiao opened more than 400 rail, sea, land, and air routes to improve the door-to-door logistics for Double 11 (Cainiao)

12. A record 800,000 sellers and brands participated in Double 11 Single’s Day on Lazada in 2021, accounting for a 2 times increase compared with 2020 (Global Times)

Single’s Day Performance in 2023

On November 12th, Tmall announced the end of the 19-day-long edition of Double 11 2023. Indeed, Single’s Day started on October 24th this year with a pre-sales event. As a result, the shopping event has evolved with strong sales but more mature customers. Let’s go over it together.

singles day

13. A total of 402 brands achieved over 100 million RMB ($13.7 million USD) in sales in 2023 (Alizila)

14. Among the brands achieving over 100 million RMB, 243 were Chinese brands, accounting for 60% in 2023 (Reverse Group)

15. Tmall monitored a new record of 800 million store visits in 2023 (Alibaba)

16. 20 million new buyers registered in 2023 (Alibaba)

17. Over 140 million additional orders took place in 2023 compared with 2022, mainly from lower-tier cities (Alibaba)

18. 5.26 billion packages delivered during Double 11 2023 (Reverse Group)

19. Home appliances and jewelry were among the top categories on Tmall, with interest in investment (Reverse Group)

20. 38,000 brands doubled their GMV compared with last year (Reverse Group)

21. The top 5 skincare brands are PROYA, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Winona for Double 11 2023 (Tmall)

22. The top 5 makeup brands are YSL, TIMAGE, Nars, Clé de Peau Beauté, and 3CE for Double 11 2023 (Tmall)

23. The top 5 perfume brands are Jo Malone, Tom Ford, YSL, Maison Margiela, and Armani for Double 11 2023 (Tmall)

Single’s Day Statistics by E-Commerce Platforms

Today, Double 11 is not only on Tmall. In fact, e-commerce platforms like JD, Pinduoduo, Little Red Book, and Douyin created their own Double 11 activations during the same period. Hence, the consumer is adapting to this wide variety of offers. Let’s dive in.

24. On JD, over 60 brands achieved 1 billion RMB ($137 million USD) in sales in Double 11 2023 (Jing Daily)

25. On JD, the brand Apple exceeded $1 billion USD of revenue during Double 11 2023 (

26. On JD, the transaction volume for nearly 20,000 brands rose more than threefold YoY (Jing Daily)

27. On Little Red Book, the overall GMV increased by 3.8 YoY for Double 11 2023 (Reverse Group)

28. On Little Red Book, the live-streaming sales increased by 4.2 YoY during Double 11 2023 (Xiaohongshu)

29. On Little Red Book, the store-led live-streaming recorded a GMV up by 6.9 YoY (Reverse Group)

30. On Little Red Book, Dong Jie and Zhang Xiaohui’s single live stream generated over 100 million RMB ($13.7 million USD)  during Double 11 2023 (Jing Daily)

31. Douyin launched the e-commerce functionality in 2020 and the Double 11 event the same year (Queue It)

32. On Douyin, the GMV increased by 119% YoY (Douyin)

33. Douyin e-commerce live streaming reached 58.3 million hours, compared to 38.2 million hours last year (Jing Daily)

34. Single’s Day is 2.4 times bigger than Black Friday globally (Reverse Group)

35. In 2022, Single’s Day reached $157 billion USD and Black Friday $65 billion USD in GMV (Reverse Group)

36. Tmall Luxury Pavilion sales were 1.5 times higher than last year during Double 11 2023 (Tmall)

37. On JD, the total viewership of sales live streams surpassed 380 million (

How to Take Advantage of Double 11 in 2024?

If you want to join the shopping festival in 2024, you need to register during Summer 2024. Indeed, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms give a deadline to merchants until July-August for registration. During September and October, you need to decide on your activations, discounts, ads, and replenish your stock in your local warehouse. We have more than 5+ years of Double 11 experience on Tmall and e-commerce platforms. We can help you in this intense period!

anais bournonville

That’s it for my list of Double 11 statistics. As someone who worked on the Double 11 operations of brands like Guerlain, Givenchy, Jacques Lemans, and Bradelis, I really enjoyed putting this list of stats together. Hope it helped you!

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Single’s Day is a strong but complex event that is constantly evolving. Next year, the festival will probably be totally different again. Partner with us, and be ready to increase your sales during Double 11 2024!


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